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Video Games Professional Program

Learn concepts and approaches involved in creating successful designs that can be applied to video games. Students will learn Game Art & Design including creating art, illustrations, animation, UI design. Further students will learn the advance techniques involved in Video games through modeling, rigging and animating 3D-modeled characters for use in video games.  


Mobile Games Professional Program

Understand the Game Design, Art Workflow & Fundamentals. Creating art, illustrations, animation, and UI design for mobile games. Further students will learn the advanced techniques involved in Mobile games through modeling, rigging, and animating 3D-modeled characters for use in mobile games with the help of tools like Blender, Photoshop, and Unity Interface  


Advanced Program in Game Design

Provides students with the professional and artistic skills necessary to create compelling and innovative games. Students will learn Game Design, Art Workflow & Fundamentals, ¬†Creating art, illustrations, animation, UI design and other tools and techniques required in designing games for Mobile and Video games.  


Gaming AR VR Prime Program

Learn Game art and design for Mobile and Video games and Augmented reality and Virtual reality. Experience the blend of industry-standard practices and artistic methods with the technological advancement of Metaverse.  


Animation, VFX & Gaming Prime

A unique program training students for the three most in-demand industries of Animation, VFX, and Gaming  

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